Image of LOVE INKS 'E.S.P.' LP




LOVE INKS 'E.S.P.' LP (Hell, Yes!)


1. Wave Goodbye
2. Blackeye
3. Leather Glove
4. Can't Be Wrong
5. Skeleton Key
6. Down And Out
7. Too Wild
8. Rock On
9. In My Dreams
10. Too Late

"the amazing love inks' debut album is released on hell yes!. the album was conceived and recorded with strict, direct motives. no frills, tears through extravagant side roads, indulgent solos, certainly no jamming, and no extra instrumentation. the sounds captured within these 10 tracks are simply an electric guitar, a bass guitar, an old drum machine, at special moments a moog satellite and, most importantly, the simple yet poignant vocals of sherry leblanc. the combined sound is minimalist dream-pop; imbued with raw emotion, sexuality, and splashes of electronic colour. focus is placed primarily on the voice, which is direct and honest and real. for fans of the young marble giants, the xx and warpaint." - Rough Trade